Historic Modsports & Special Saloons

Rapidly capturing the attention of both competitors and fans, the Historic Modsports & Special Saloon series is set for another superb programme of events evenly spread across the year for its second full season and all the races will be at the usual high quality HSCC events.

CHASE Equipment have remained on board as the series sponsor and an imaginative and generous award scheme will see £1000 of prize money up for grabs in the form of reduced entry fees for those successful.

All events will follow the same format of qualifying plus 2 x 20 minute races.

Harking back to the days of flares and dodgy hairdo’s, when the sport moved away from purely production based racing and competitors started modifying their cars, the series follows the blue book regulations from the 1970’s, with a few tweaks for modern safety regulations.   The classes enable all the cars to compete on track together.

The class structure as seen in period has been adopted, resulting in just four classes as below.  We will also consider genuine period cars, which fall outside of our strict regulations.

As well as the usual race awards, the ‘champions’ for the weekend will be the Modsports car and the Special Saloon car which achieve the best combined elapsed time for the 2 races.

Cars must be based on production sports or saloon cars (as available for sale in the UK) built before 31.12.1979.

The regulations allow period-style changes to the engine, transmission, bodywork, brakes and suspension and 4 valves per cylinder engines are only allowed to run in the type of car they were originally homologated in. (Full details are within the regulations)

The first season witnessed 30 different cars come to the grid, and more cars have been prepared over the winter meaning there will be a further increase in the variety of cars on track to provide action throughout the field.  The organisers have been quite positive in the fact that period engines, gearboxes and other components have to be adhered to, ensuring a representative display of cars from the period.

Driving standards have also been a positive element of the series with competitive but considerate attitudes on track.  This is something competitors have worked together to promote, with many of the cars worth considerable sums and whose components are rare to source should replacements be required.

A good community spirit has built up amongst those taking part and the growing army of supporters, which means an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere has developed both on and off the track.

2023 saw Paul Sibley in the ‘Jon Fletcher Trophy’ for the Modsports and Andy Robinson in the ‘Peter Baldwin Trophy’ for Special Saloons scooped the ‘best drivers’ awards.  These trophy’s awarded for the best, and most consistent performances over the season.

To request series regulations and/or express an interest is taking part, please contact the HSCC club office.

The Facebook group for the series is here:



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Class Structure


Modsports Cars

Special Saloon Cars


Up to 1150cc

Up to 1000cc


1151 to 1500cc

1000 to 1300cc


1501cc to 2000cc

1301cc to 2500cc


Over 2000cc

Over 2500cc