Historic Modsports & Saloons

The Historic Sports Car Club will run pilot races for a new Historic Modsports and Saloons category in 2022 as a lead-in to a fuller programme of races in 2023. The inaugural races will be at Cadwell Park during the Wolds Trophy meeting on 4/5 June.

The concept behind Historic Modsports and Saloons is to re-create a period of national racing history from the late 1960s and 1970s. Eligible cars will be those that comply with period MSA ‘Blue Book’ regulations and the series will be for cars as raced in period with original material bodies, engines from the original manufacturer and with a maximum of two valves per cylinder.

The plan is to attract back into racing the type of cars that packed out Modified Sports and Special Saloon grids in period. Cars with spaceframe chassis and non-original engines will not be permitted, thus ruling out the type of cars that later developed in Special Saloon racing.

Cars must be based on production sports or saloon cars (as available for sale in the UK) built before 1980. Cars must be powered by the same manufacturer’s engine that would have been in the period production road car. The regulations allow period-style changes to the engine, transmission, bodywork, brakes and suspension.

In order to keep the series in line with the cars of the period, there will be no forced induction engines, no later four-valve engines, BDA or BDG-type engines, no motorcycle engines, no sequential gearboxes, no Lotus/Caterham Seven type cars and no kit car replicas.

Historic Modsports and Saloons will start with a double-header at Cadwell Park (4/5 June), followed by a single race at Oulton Park (5 August). Subject to demand, additional races may be added later in the season.

We want to re-create a very special time in national racing. “Our ambition is a grid full of Minis, MG Midgets, Ford Anglias, Datsun 240Zs, Ford Escorts, Hillman Imps and low-volume sports cars like Ginetta G15s and Clan Crusaders, all with permitted period modifications.”

To request series regulations and/or express an interest is taking part, please contact Jasmine Walker at the HSCC:



Modsports Published Regs_2022 V3


• Cadwell Park Wolds Trophy: 04 & 05 June

• Oulton Park International: 05 August


Provisional Class Structure

Modified Sports Cars – for the Jon Fletcher Trophy

Class 1     Up to 1150cc
Class 2     1151cc – 1500cc
Class 3      1501cc – 1990cc
Class 4     1991cc – 3000cc
Class 5     3001cc – 4500cc
Class 6     Above 4501cc
Class I      Invitation Class, entries by invitation only

Saloon Cars – for the Peter Baldwin Trophy

Class 1    Up to 1150cc
Class 2    1151cc – 1500cc
Class 3    1501cc – 1990cc
Class 4   1991cc – 3000cc
Class 5    3001cc – 4500cc
Class 6     Above 4501cc
Class I      Invitation Class, entries by invitation only





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Race Reports

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To request series regulations and/or express an interest is taking part please email Jasmine Walker using the link below: