Historic Road Sports

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Like its 1970s counterpart, the Historic Road Sports Championship is for production sports and GT cars built and registered between 1947 and 1969. The grids are always packed, with models ranging from TVRs to Lotus, MG, Ginetta and Turner.  To be eligible, models should have a period competition history and some modifications to engines and suspension are permitted. For full list see the “Weights” document on this page.


NOTE: The Spa-Francorchamps races are non-championship

Eligible Cars

The Championship is open to genuine production sports and GT cars built and road registered between 1947 and 31st December 1969 and which have, as a model, international competition history in period. Similar models built after this period may also be accepted subject to individual application. Some modification to engines and suspension are permitted. Cars must remain road legal and additional championship points are awarded to competitors who drive their cars to the circuit.

All cars must have a current HSCC Vehicle Identification Form.

Class Structure

Class A All cars over 3000cc

Class B All cars 2001cc – 3000cc

Class C Glass-fibre cars 1301cc – 2000cc and Lotus 7s

Class D Metal bodied cars 1301cc – 2000cc

Class E All cars up to 1300cc

Class F All drum-braked cars. Plus all pre 1960’s cars running to FIA regulations, running Dunlop L tyres

Class G Invitation Class – entries for cars not registered for the Championship may be accepted subject to individual approval from the Committee or Registrar. The following rules for invitation cars will apply: Racing numbers should be pre-fixed with a number 1 (or 11 if being added to a single number). Drivers of invitation cars will not be eligible for podium places.


1995 Paul Howarth (Lancia Fulvia)
1996 Chris Horner (Turner Mk1)
1997 Mike Eagles (Turner Mk1)
1998 Mike Eagles (Turner Mk1)
1999 Kevin Kivlochan (TVR Griffith)
2000 Justin Murphy (Alfa Romeo Giulia)
2001 Mike Eagles (Milano GT)
2002 Nick Adams (Lotus Elan)
2003 Dick Coffey (Turner Mk1)
2004 Robert Barrie (Porsche 911S)
2005 Andy Shepherd (Lotus 7)
2006 David Randall (Ginetta G4)
2007 Josh Sadler (Ginetta G4)
2008 Colin Sharp (Triumph TR5) and Dick Coffey (Turner Mk1)
2009 Jonathan Rushton (Morgan Plus 4)
2010 David Randall (Ginetta G4)
2011 Paul Tooms (Lotus Elan)
2012 Paul Tooms (Lotus Elan)
2013 John Shaw (Porsche 911)
2014 John Shaw (Porsche 911)
2015 Kevin Kivlochan (Morgan Plus 8)
2016 Dick Coffey (Turner Mk1)
2017 William Plant (Morgan Plus 8) and Dick Coffey (Turner Mk1)
2018 John Davison (Lotus Elan)
2019 Kevin Kivlochan (AC Cobra)
2020 Antony Ross (Alfa Romeo Spider)