Racing Members

All members benefit from;
–     Receiving the Club’s journal,  ‘HSCC News’.
–     Club clothing and other offers on our website.

If you are not a current member but want to race with us then you can opt for Basic Racing Membership which covers you for just one meeting in the season, simply complete a Basic Racing Membership form and send it to the Office when you send in your race entry. We hope, however, that you enjoy the racing and the atmosphere of the meeting so much that you will want to upgrade to Full Racing Membership and compete at other HSCC events in the season.

HSCC welcomes new racing members, on this page are all the necessary forms to apply for membership, register your car and apply for registration in one or more of our championships.

Starting Racing

Every year we have lots of novices on the grid. To join them you need to apply to the Motor Sports Association for a “Go Racing” pack. This tells you how to get a competition licence,  With your licence you can join our novice membership scheme.  You will pay for a full racing membership to the value of £150 and we will then send you a voucher to the value of £200 towards the cost of your first race entry fee with the HSCC.


Championship Registration

To compete in any of the HSCC Championships you, and your car must be registered and accepted. The form is available from this page. Also, please see the next section on documentation required for your car.

HSCC Vehicle Identity form

To enter HSCC Championships, your vehicle will be required to have either an FIA Historic Technical Passport or an HSCC Vehicle Identity form, please read the individual Championship regulations, for the exact requirements. To apply for an FIA Technical Passport you should contact the Motor Sports Association.

To apply for an HSCC Vehicle Identity form please follow the link highlighted below.  It is in the format of a Word Document, which you should download and complete on your computer. Please then e-mail the completed form in Word format (not pdf) to the HSCC.

When the completed form is received at the office it will be forwarded to the appropriate Registrar who will inspect your car at the first available race meeting. Providing the car conforms to the regulations and paperwork presented, upon receipt of the £50 registration fee (£5 only for change of ownership) the completed paperwork will be returned to you.

If you are unable to download a Vehicle Identity Form from this website, please contact the office and we will either send you a copy of the form via e-mail or surface mail.  Download your HSCC VIF from the documents section on this page A guide on how to complete the VIF form is also available.