Historic Formula Ford

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One of the most popular of the HSCC’s single-seater categories, the Historic FF1600 Championship is for cars built and raced before 1972. These are cars from the glorious early years of Formula Ford racing and the cars offer close, exciting and affordable single-seater racing. Historic Formula Ford is perfect for newcomers and a special novice class is part of the championship. An Over 50s category caters for the more senior drivers and is always hotly contested.


Eligible Cars

The HSCC Historic Formula Ford Championship is open to Formula Ford 1600 cars originally built and raced as Formula Ford 1600 cars prior to 31/12/71. Specification must be original with only the addition of current safety requirements. There is also a special Novice class within this championship for competitors who have no previous race or kart experience.

All cars must have current HSCC Vehicle Identification Forms.


1992 Series of races
1993 Series of races
1994 Series of races
1995 Bryan Hayward (Lotus 61)
1996 Paul Sleeman (Jamun T2)
1997 Paul Sleeman (Jamun T2)
1998 Benn Simms (Merlyn Mk20)
1999 Paul Sleeman (Macon MR8)
2000 Paul Sleeman (Macon MR8)
2001 Neil Fowler (Lola T200)
2002 Neil Fowler (Lola T200)
2003 Neil Fowler (Lola T200)
2004 Neil Fowler (Merlyn Mk20)
2005 Neil Fowler (Lola T200)
2006 Nelson Rowe (Crossle 20F)
2007 Nelson Rowe (Crossle 20F)
2008 Michael Lyons (Merlyn Mk11)
2009 Westie Mitchell (Merlyn Mk20)
2010 Darren Burke (Macon MR8)
2011 Benn Simms (Alexis Mk14)
2012 Callum Grant (Merlyn Mk20)
2013 Sam Mitchell (Merlyn Mk20)
2014 Benn Simms (Jomo JMR7 and Alexis Mk14)
2015 Richard Mitchell (Merlyn Mk20)
2016 Callum Grant (Merlyn Mk20)
2017 Richard Tarling (Jamun T2 and Macon MR8)
2018 Cameron Jackson (Lola T200)
2019 Cameron Jackson (Winkelmann)
2020 Pierre Livingston (Merlyn Mk20)




Championship Chairman: Ted Pearson