Historic Touring Cars

Always a tremendous crowd favourite, the Historic Touring Car Championship is for saloon cars that were in series production before 1966. Cars can be developed in line with period modifications, and separate classes are run for cars complying with FIA Appendix K regulations.

With Mini Coopers taking on Ford Anglias, Lotus Cortinas, Ford Mustangs and Ford Falcons, the racing is always exciting.


NOTE: The Spa-Francorchamps races are non-championship

Eligible Cars

The Championship is open to saloon cars of which the model was in series production on or before 01/01/1966 and which are either listed as homologated cars for Appendix K or appear on the permanent list of eligible vehicles held by the Historic Racing Saloons Register. Two-plus-two cars, vans and estate cars are not eligible. HRSR cars may either be homologated or non-homologated saloons. All cars must have current FIA HTP or HSCC Vehicle Identification Forms.

Class Structure

Appendix K Cars

Class K1 2001cc and over

Class K2 1301cc to 2000cc

Class K3 up to 1300cc


Class A 2501cc and over

Class B 1601cc to 2500cc

Class C 1301cc to 1600cc

Class D 1151cc to 1300cc

Class E up to 1150cc


*The class ran with the BRSCC before 1994
1994 Series of races
1995 Series of races
1996 Series of races
1997 Nevil Smith (Ford Lotus Cortina)
1998 Peter Wray (Ford Lotus Cortina)
1999 Graeme Dodd (Jaguar Mk2)
2000 Paul Haywood-Halfpenny (Ford Lotus Cortina)
2001 Simon Garrad (BMW 2000Ti) and Graeme Dodd (Jaguar Mk2)
2002 Adrian Oliver (Hillman Imp)
2003 Adrian Oliver (Hillman Imp)
2004 Adrian Oliver (Hillman Imp)
2005 Dan Cox (Ford Anglia)
2006 Mike Hanna (Hillman Imp)
2007 Simon Benoy (Hillman Imp)
2008 Dan Cox (Ford Lotus Cortina)
2009 Dan Cox (Ford Lotus Cortina)
2010 Roger Godfrey (Austin Cooper S)
2011 Roger Godfrey (Austin Cooper S)
2012 Dan Cox (Ford Lotus Cortina)
2013 Tim Davies (Ford Lotus Cortina)
2014 Tim Davies (Ford Lotus Cortina)
2015 Simon Benoy (Hillman Imp)
2016 Simon Benoy (Hillman Imp)
2017 Steve Platts (Singer Chamois)
2018 Adrian Oliver (Hillman Imp)
2019 Bob Bullen (Ford Anglia)
2020 Steve Platts (Singer Chamois)