Historic Sporting Trials Association

Many Historic Sports Car Club members have historic Trials cars in which they enjoy competing. The primary aim of the Historic Sporting Trials movement is to provide suitable events, organised by MSUK recognised clubs, in which the sporting trial cars of the 1960’s and middle 1970’s can compete. The observed sections are designed to suit the earlier Historic Class cars equipped with fiddle brakes.

Many competitors have already registered with Purple Lap but if you are one that has not, please do so as soon as possible. Once registered entries to our trials are so much easier – let me know if you want help.

Dates for 2023

Single site Heritage trial – 16 September 2023

On 16 September 2023 we are proposing to return to the superb Crewkerne, Somerset trials site where we ran the Inaugural Heritage Sporting Trial back in 2021.

If you have not already done so, to email me if you are likely to enter the event. 

Support is growing with the possibility of two famous Dellows coming over from Northern Ireland to compete.

Heritage trial – Sept 2023

Heritage Sporting Trial MTCC Crewkerne Regs 2023 V3

Heritage 2023 MTCC Crewkerne Entry Form

Looking forward to seeing you at our trials.


The MSUK Historic Sporting Trials Formula requires the cars should be similar to the cars used in period and defines specific requirements of vehicles which are eligible to compete in Historic Sporting Trials.

Motorsport UK has recently changed the licensing requirements for all competitors on Trials and other non-speed events and applications are now being accepted for these new licences. These Competition Licences are free, mandatory and issued by our governing body.

You can apply online here https://rsclubman.motorsportuk.org/ and we recommend you and your passengers do so immediately.

If you wish to apply using a paper form you can download the form and return by post to Motorsport UK here https://www.motorsportuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/03_CLUBMAN_FORM.pdf .

If you hold a licence for Sprints, Hill Climbs or Racing this will be valid for non-speed events.

Contact Martyn Halliday   tel. 07739 464170 or email moc.n1701884053sm@ya1701884053dilla1701884053h_nyt1701884053ram1701884053