Griffiths Haig Trophy

A series of races for 1950s drum brake, sports and sports-racing cars and eligible drum brake GT cars will feature as part of the Historic Sports Car Club’s portfolio of races in 2024.

To celebrate the Club’s roots, the HSCC Griffiths Haig Trophy is open to owner drivers of suitable cars with drum brakes built and registered between 1947 and 1961. One-off cars with a period history will be welcome.

“The philosophy behind this invitation series is to establish a high standard of racing with great cars for amateur owner drivers. Drivers considered as professionals, or to be driving at a professional level, by the organisers will not be able to participate.

All cars need to meet normal safety requirements and follow Appendix K but the Griffiths Haig Trophy race series does not require FIA HTPs.

The series will feature three or four races at high-profile UK historic race meetings and five capacity classes will ensure competitive racing for all sizes of car, with a realistic approach taken to car eligibility.

Similar models built after the end of 1959 may also be accepted subject to individual application. Cars that were manufactured and registered in the 1960s but are to the exact specification of the 1950s derivative will be allowed to register. Some modification to engines and suspension are permitted.

TO REGISTER AN INTEREST click on the email link at the foot of this page: Please include your name and a brief description of your 50s car in the message.



Class Structure

Class A: “Leston” sports cars up to 1100cc
Class B: “Whitehead” sports & GT cars 1101cc – 1600cc
Class C: “Archie” sports & GT cars 1601cc – 2000cc
Class D: “Hamilton” sports & GT cars 2001cc – 3000cc
Class E: “Hawthorn” sports & GT cars 3001cc – 3400cc
Class F: “Salvadori” sports & GT cars 3401cc plus
Class I: Invitation







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Race Reports

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