Historic Formula Ford 2000

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This championship is for Historic Formula Ford 2000 single seater cars built and raced before 1980. In the late 1970s, FF2000 was a hugely successful category and the cars now offer an affordable way to race in a slicks and wings class in cars that can be prepared and maintained by owners.




Class Structure

The HSCC Historic Formula Ford 2000 Championship is open to genuine Formula Ford 2000 racing cars originally built and raced between 1/1/75 and 31/12/81. There is also an invitation classes open to Air Cooled Formula Super Vee cars built prior to 1/1/78.

All cars must have current FIA or HSCC Vehicle Identification Forms.

Class A: Formula Ford 2000 cars built between 1/1/79 and 31/12/81 but excluding the Van Diemen RF81 and RF82 and the Reynard 82SF.

Class B: Formula Ford 2000 cars built before 1/1/79, but excluding Reynard and Delta cars built in this period, which are eligible for Class A.

Class C: Invitation class for Air Cooled Formula Super Vee cars built before 1/1/1978. Class C cars are not eligible for championship points.

Class D: Invitation class for single seater racing cars which are, at the absolute discretion of the Championship Committee, considered to be compatible in performance, appearance and presentation with the Formula Ford 2000 cars around which the championship is primarily based. Class D cars are not eligible for championship points.


2008 Colin Wright (Reynard SF77) series winner
2009 Neil Fowler (Reynard SF79) series winner
2010 Oliver Thorpe (Royale RP27) series winner
2011 Russell Love (Reynard SF79)
2012 Nelson Rowe (Reynard SF79)
2013 Nelson Rowe (Reynard SF79)
2014 Benn Simms (Reynard SF77 and Royale RP30)
2015 Tom Smith (Royale RP27)
2016 Andrew Park (Reynard SF81)
2017 Andrew Park (Reynard SF81)
2018 Andrew Park (Reynard SF81)
2019 Andrew Park (Reynard SF81)
2020 Peter Drennan (Reynard SF79)
2021 Graham Fennymore (Reynard SF81)
2022 Benn Simms (Reynard SF77)
2023 Graham Fennymore (Reynard SF81)