We’d like to ask all of our racing members to follow the paddock layout plans and garage allocations that are issued ahead of each race meeting.

We recognise that race paddocks can be busy and crowded places, and sometimes finding a space is not easy. However, if we can encourage all competitors from a particular championship or series to set up together, as far as practicable, it will bring major benefits for everyone.

We would also like to ask all teams to follow the garage allocations that are issued ahead of each event. These are carefully planned to help teams and drivers with logistics, so please do follow the plan.

In the paddock we want to encourage everyone to park with their competitors and friends. If this can be achieved, it will bring benefit for everyone. Competitors are easier to find if needed by race officials and our racing members will, we hope, enjoy their weekend of motor sport even more.

If they are sharing paddock space with friends, rivals and like-minded competitors, it can help bolster the social side of a race weekend. This is particularly important when some grids have their own social activity on a Saturday evening or a post-race awards celebration.

We publish our paddock plans and garage allocation with the final instructions for each race meeting and they can be found on our website, usually at least a week ahead of the race meeting.

We want to ensure that the HSCC paddock remains a friendly and welcoming place and do not want to start policing paddock parking or enforcing locations, so we ask that you follow the paddock plans and garage allocations.