The Historic Sports Car Club will further develop its new Historic Modsports and Special Saloons category in 2023 with a programme of eight races across four double-header events. In the meantime, there will be races for the cars at the Walter Hayes Trophy meeting at Silverstone (November 5/6) as an extra end-of-season event.

Historic Modsports and Special Saloons is designed to re-create a period of national racing history from the late 1960s and 1970s.  In light of experience gained this season, and in response to enquiries from potential competitors, the series regulations have been evolved for 2023 from the 1979 RAC Motor Sports Technical Regulations for both Modsports and Special Saloons, resulting in a separate set of regulations for each genre, but running together in one series.

Series prime mover Steve Watton said: “With this evolution, we intend that the series regulations will provide stability in order to take the series forward for at least the next two years. The updated regs have been written with the support of experienced competitors. There is plenty of scope for more competitors to enter the series, but without losing the historic nature we have so far fostered.”

To date, nearly 60 competitors have expressed an interest in racing in Historic Modsports and Special Saloons and a number of cars are now being re-prepared ahead of the 2023 season.

Andy Dee-Crowne, CEO of the HSCC, said: “We have been very encouraged by the early response to Historic Modsports and Special Saloons. New series like this need time and space to grow and we look forward to steadily increasing support in 2023.”

To request series regulations and/or express an interest is taking part, please contact Jasmine Walker at the HSCC (ku.gr1708543372o.ccs1708543372h@eni1708543372msaj1708543372)