Dear member


In light of the Governments restrictions on movements to all but essential workers and the announcement today that Silverstone has closed the circuit, the office is now closed. Our business continuity plans are in place with members of staff working remotely and in most respects it is ‘business as normal’.

As you are aware the AGM has already been rescheduled but as voting for the appointment of the Chair requires a postal vote (which we will do even if the position is uncontested) this can’t be undertaken due to the office closure. It has therefore been decided that we must also postpone until further notice the election for Chair.

Whilst the Articles of Association require the gap between AGM’s to be not greater than 15 months this may have to change according to Government policy. This will be kept under constant review. As soon as a new date for the AGM is determined we will open the voting process for the Chair according to the Articles and the appropriate notices conforming to the timescales laid down in the Articles will be issued which will include the provision to receive new applications to stand for election as Chair. Existing nominations will carry forward.

We will also in due course appoint an independent adjudicator to oversee the election process.


On behalf of Charles Barter and Andy Dee-Crowne

Friday 27 March 2020