Following the declaration by the World Health Organization of COVID-19 Pandemic, Motorsport UK has issued updated guidelines to all in the UK Motorsport Community.

At the current time the HSCC will continue to operate its current schedule of events, adhering closely to the advice of Motorsport UK and the UK Government.

Below is listed a brief summary of the advice we will be following:

  • Participants, volunteers or spectators who feel unwell with any of the symptoms of coronavirus, however mild, or feel they may have been exposed to a risk of infection should not attend the event, and should stay at home and self-isolate for 7 days and follow government advice. There is no need to contact your GP or dial 111 unless your symptoms worsen or you are concerned. Of course in an emergency you should dial 999. Advice for self-isolation is available on the following link:
  • If someone is already at the event and feels unwell with any symptoms, however mild, unless they need immediate medical attention should return home, self-isolate for 7 days and follow the guidance above
  • Coronavirus spreads via droplets from coughing or sneezing, touching contaminated items like door handles then touching your face. The best way to prevent the spread is hand washing and using a tissue if you cough or sneeze, then immediately placing it in a bin with a lid on
  • Soap and water are the most effective method for hand washing which should be done frequently and for 20 seconds. In the absence of soap and water use of a hand sanitiser with a minimum content of 60% alcohol is advised
  • Cover the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, use tissues if possible and dispose of immediately in a bin with a lid on, and then immediately wash your hands
  • Physical social contact should be avoided. Do not shake hands. No offence is taken should the community elect not to physically greet one another
  • Any briefings that take place should be conducted in an external environment or well-ventilated, spacious indoor facility
  • At events, avoid sharing tools, pens, clipboards or other items. These should be wiped clean with sterlised wipes after use
  • Do not share drinks or water bottles

Cancellation of Events

With the possibility of events being cancelled both here and in Europe, we would like to re-affirm the HSCC policy regarding the cancellation of race entries. In the event of a race meeting being cancelled, due to Government restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 Virus, the HSCC will issue a full refund against that event.  If a competitor, as an individual, finds they have to self-isolate or are in a region where a travel ban is imposed, again a full refund will be issued.

15 March 2020