HSCC Classic Racing Car Series

The Classic Racing Car Championship is open to a wonderful range of single-seaters of the 1960s, although exact cut-off dates do vary depending on class and engine size. Dunlop or Avon control tyres are mandatory. Cars in classes, C G and H may use wings or aerodynamic aids, and there is also a separate class for pre-1972 Historic Formula Ford cars. Cars come from classes ranging from Formula 1 to Formula Junior, although former F2 and F3 cars are the most common.

Class Structure

Class A Formula One cars Up to 1500cc V8 as raced between 1/01/61 – 31/12/65

Class B Formula 2 cars up to 1000cc built up to 31/12/66

Class C Formula 2 and Formula Atlantic cars up to 1600cc built between 1/1/67 up to 31/12/71

Class D Formula 3 1000cc cars built and raced between 1/1/64 and 31/12/70

Class E Formula Junior cars built and raced before 31/12/63

Class F Single seater racing cars built and raced between 1/1/67 and 31/12/71 running to HSCC Historic Formula Ford Series specification using either HFF Approved Avon Tyres or CRC Dunlop Tyres.

Class G Formula B/Formula Libre/ Single Seater Up to 1600cc built before 31/12/71 (not to include modified Formula Ford Chassis)

Class H Invitation Class for Formula 3 Cars up to 1600cc built between 01/1/71 and 31/12/73





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