70s Road Sports

The 70s Road Sports Championship does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a race series for road-legal production sports cars produced and registered in the 1970s.

Some minor modifications to engines and suspension are permitted, but bodyshells must remain standard. For a full list of eligible cars see the “Eligible Weights” document on this page. The result is a huge and varied field, packed with Porsches, Datsuns, MGs and many more marques. Extra Championship points are awarded for cars driven to and from the circuit on the road.

Eligible Cars

The HSCC 70’s Road Sports Championship is open to genuine production Sports, GT and two door Coupe cars built and road-registered between 1/1/70 and 31/12/79. Cars built and road-registered in the 1980s which are precisely to the same specification as the 1970s model will be considered by the Committee. Only minor modifications to engine and suspension are permitted; body silhouette must remain as standard.

Other cars may be eligible subject to proof of series production in period. Excluded from this Championship is all light weight, high performance or competition versions, together with any one-off specials. Cars must remain road legal and additional championship points are awarded to competitors who drive their car to and from the circuit (from their place of residence or permanent storage facility of the car).

Modifications are strictly limited and all cars in Classes A to E must have a current HSCC Vehicle Identification Form (VIF). No competitor can claim Championship points unless the VIF has been approved by the Registrar. A list of eligible cars is available with the relevant weights.

Class Structure

Class A All cars over 3001cc

Class B All cars 2001cc to 3000cc

Class C Lotus 1600 Twin cams (Elan, Europa, and Seven)

Class D All cars 1501cc to 2000cc

Class E All cars up to 1500cc

Class I Invitation Class – Solely to encourage competitors to join the 70s Championship. Road Sports, GT and two door coupes from the same era may be accepted at the invitation of the HSCC. A Vehicle Detail Form (VDF), available from the Office, will need to be completed at least four weeks before the event; an offer of acceptance or refusal will then be given within seven days.