Alan Jones: Retirement from the HSCC.

The HSCC wishes to advise all members and supporters that Alan Jones our Competitions Secretary will be retiring from his position at the end of this year following 16 years of service with the club. There follows a brief statement from Alan.

“At the beginning of this year I had not considered that I would be sitting writing a note confirming my intention to retire at the end of the year. In January as a team we had been discussing the future, with the office looking towards 2026 and the clubs 60th anniversary.

“Life has a habit of presenting you with the unexpected and evidence that despite our best intentions we are growing older. My warning came in February with unforeseen illness. Medical science is wonderful and very advanced these days, so the initial problem was resolved in a matter of days. My thanks go to everyone from the ambulance team and the staff at Northampton General Hospital for their prompt action. The recovery process has not gone as I anticipated.  Whilst my health is good and continuing to improve, I am not as fit mentally or physically as I was this time last year. More importantly I cannot predict when or if I will attain that level in the future.

“Everyone in the office and the Club Board have been very supportive and encouraging as I made my way back into the office. I cannot thank everyone enough for their patience and tolerance. We in the office are a small team. In these times systems are changing and progressing rapidly, evolution is the key to providing the best service to all. We rely heavily on each other within the office team to be able to deliver. Whilst everyone has been very supportive I believe it is time I stand down to make way for someone who can assist with the continued development of the club, with the enthusiasm, vitality, vision and the stamina required to tackle a full season of HSCC events.

“I made my decision to announce my retirement at the end of July. The information only being shared with Andy the Club CEO, the office and the HSCC Board to give everyone time to plan the role my successor would take. I requested we kept this private until such a time as the club could look for a replacement. That time has arrived for a position to be advertised with the intention to have someone in place before I leave so they can be very much a part of the planning and development for the new season.

“I know that whoever takes up my seat can expect a warm welcome and lots of support from the club members. It has been one of the special privileges of my position being able to talk and connect with people from across all levels of this sport. To have been involved with the process that has delivered award winning events and series across the years of my service.

“This club like so many is defined by its characters. Motor sport does produce some very special people and it has been a privilege to share some of the highs and lows of racing with those people. I am grateful to have had those experiences, memories are what make a life and I have some very special memories from my time of working for you.

“As you see I am not leaving until the end of the year and there is still much to do to make sure my desk is clear for the next person to follow. At this point I would simply like to thank, Andy, Donna, and Lindsey in the office for their support and understanding. I would like to thank the Board and you the members for the past years. At this point I would like to make special mention of my wife Lynn who has had to put up with living with a bad and impatient patient at times. I am sure you will all wish her well in trying to live with me in the coming years of my retirement.”

Alan Jones

HSCC Competitions Secretary

23 August 2021