Dear Member

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that I am stepping down as Chair of the HSCC with immediate effect and will not be offering myself for re-election at the forthcoming AGM.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Chair and I am sad that it should end in this way. It is clear to me now that I have failed to keep abreast of the changing rules and policies that we racers have to abide by as a condition of being granted a race licence. This week I have been found guilty by the National Court of Motorsport UK of breaching these rules and as a consequence I have had my race licence suspended.

Whilst the findings against me were as an individual and in no way related to the Club or my Position as Chair, I realise that to continue in post is untenable. I sincerely and unreservedly apologise to you all for this.

Please follow this link to the current Motorsport UK policies: (

I urge you to read and ensure you comply with them so that you do not suffer a similar fate.

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable racing season.


Frank Lyons

15:00hrs, 5 March 2020