Dear Member

The office staff are still working remotely with full access to our systems. If you want to contact any of us ring the office in the normal way where you will be given the option to divert to Alan, Donna, Lindsey or myself.

Communications to members will be through SMS or email but no postal communications can currently be sent or received so please bear this in mind.

Currently there are 23 current members not on email, 50 if you include last years. I know it’s a long shot but if any member reads this who has not registered with the office either a phone number or an email address would you please do so by contacting Donna:


Also please check your spam filters to accept the HSCC mails. All our emails are on the website.

The Corona Virus and its impact on our calendar changes almost hourly but rest assured the Club has the strength, resources and resolve to see out this crisis. The most import thing at the moment is for us and our families and friends all to keep safe and well.

I have always thought the HSCC to be more of a family than a Club. We have members all over the globe and as such our reach is considerable.

If any member is facing hardship or distress or you know of anybody that is please let me know. I am sure we have an HSCC family member close enough to help.


Keep safe, keep well


26 March 2020